Introduction – SEO Consulting

Hiring a search engine optimization consultant to improve rankings in search engines is not a decision that you take lightly. You have to conduct some research and get proposals for different agencies before you make a decision. You should also ask a few questions on the strategies your consultants will use. And if you aren’t convinced, then consider moving on to the next consultant. Below are the most important factors to consider before hiring an SEO consultant Miami:

Market Presence Although this may prove a little hard for you to search on, spending your time conducting market presence research on your potential search engine optimization consultant list will spare you some headache. Experience comes along with building of market presence. Market presence means, how deep into a market your SEO agency has gone. Does the agency have a list of customers, a list of partners or a list of past work done? Doing a Google search on an SEO consultant in Miami will help you learn more about their market presence. First page of the results will most likely be that of the agency under their domain. Immediately after these pages, you will start seeing the agency coming up in the titles, but from different registered domains. These are normally reviews or referrals bout the SEO consultancy firm.


Ask to see the consultant’s portfolio

Look at some of the websites that were optimized by your consultant in the past. Do they still rank? Here you will have to use some tools to find how those websites have been ranking in the past three months. Watch out for key changes in rankings. Although this isn’t a problem, it can be an indicator of immense link-building campaigns within a short duration. Back links are supposed to be built gradually for a long period of time.

Most significantly, use tools that will show you back link profile of website. Watch out for links from neighborhoods that search engines do not like or from bad neighborhoods. If you happen to see a bad profile, run! The consultant will definitely use the same method in building your links and it will not be long before you start experiencing the same problems with search engines.


Cost is a very important factor. Keep off consultants who are willing to offer their search engine optimization services for cheaper price than they’re worth. These Miami consultants often under-value their skills sets, & thus probably do not have the confidence to push a stronger market campaign for your website.

SEO consultants that charge exorbitant amounts of money usually charge such amounts because they understand exactly what they’re doing & how to get the job perfectly done. The key to hiring the right SEO consultant is finding a perfect balance of value and affordability.


Although the search engine optimization basics may be understood easily and be implemented by even the novice webmasters, you may still need to consider hiring a search engine optimization consultant. Just before hiring one, be sure to take the above factors into consideration. Note that a good search engine optimization consultant will have a better clientele. Always be sure to contact these clients in order find out if they got satisfied with the SEO service of the consultant in question.